“Warriors of Allah” threatened Lithuania terrorist attacks in shopping centers

Lithuania threatened terrorist attacks and revenge for “Muslim Brothers”. This is reported by the Alfa.lt portal with reference to the email received to the editor.

It is noted that in the report a certain Yusef Arafat declares that the “warriors of Allah” laid bombs in several places throughout Vilnius. Among addresses are such large shopping centers such as Big, Akropolis and Ozas, the office of the DELFI portal, Vilnius registry office and the Department of Migration.

The author of the letter added that further terrorists will act without warning. “Know that in your country there are thousands of our brothers – the best warriors who are not afraid of death. We love death as you love life, we are warriors who have been fighting during the day and night,” he concluded.

Lithuanian police reported the lack of information on their mining of buildings in Vilnius. Press Secretary of the Ramunas Matonis Police Department said that all the buildings mentioned in the letter will be checked.

Earlier in the State Border Committee (GPC), Belarus was told about the death of an illegal migrant on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. According to the ministry, a man of non-Slavic appearance was found by Belarusian border guards in extremely serious condition, and multiple bruises were found on his body. Prior to that, the GIC was accused Lithuania in the beating and expulsion of migrants to Belarus.

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