Jennifer Aniston revealed secret of his harmony in 52 years

American actress Jennifer Aniston revealed his way to maintain a slim figure. It is reported by Daily Mail.

52-year-old celebrity explained that it tries to stick to the right nutrition. However, during periods when she has to face stress, the star allows himself a little harmful food. “I trained the power of the will. When I was nervous, I do not refuse my chipses or chocolate dragees. The secret is that I allow myself only one piece of something, whether candy or one potato chipse. You need to learn yourself to limit yourself , – explained Aniston.

In addition, the actress does not drink alcoholic cocktails. She assured that only clean drinks without sugar and no more than three glasses for the evening. “When the waiter asks, if I want to add a little cranberry, spices, coconut syrup into a glass, or any other additive, I always refuse, because the more good drink, the more I want to drink,” said the star.

Also Aniston mentioned that he was engaged in Pilates and Circular Cardio Training, such as running and jumping on a trampoline.

Earlier in August, Jennifer Aniston wrapped because of the “vulgar” posture on the cover of the magazine. The celebrity placed on its page in Instagram several frames made during a photo shoot. On the first photo, it sits on a chair in a white turtleneck and a skirt of the midi length with cuts, spreading a widespread leg. In the second shot, Aniston lies on the sofa in a fitting knitted dress with multi-colored stripes, and on the third – poses in an orange top, brown vest and a yellow mini skirt with a blue fur finish.

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