Lokdaun for unvaccasted in Germany was rated in terms of human rights

Lokdaun for unvitable, which is proposed to be introduced in Germany, should not be considered a violation of basic civil and political rights. So the plans of the German authorities appreciated in a conversation with “ribbon.ru” Orsolia Reich, a senior employee of a non-governmental organization (NGO) Liberties, which is engaged in monitoring human rights in Europe.

Human rights activist explained that in a democratic society, it may be necessary to limit the freedom of a separate person to comply with the rights of all others. From this point of view, under certain circumstances, the ban on visiting the unvaccinated people of public places may be completely legal.

“The state is obliged to defend the right of every citizen on health. Vaccs protect not only those who receive them, but also those who surround them,” said Reich.

At the same time, she noted that before entering such restrictions, the authorities should check whether there is no other way that would less affect human rights, but could achieve the same goals. In particular, Liberties offered to introduce free or very affordable testing to coronavirus to avoid separation of society into two strata – grafted and unseen. Reich emphasized that in Germany, such conditions were created.

In addition, vaccination is available to all groups of Germany, including migrants and refugees. “After everyone gets equal opportunities in order to decide whether they want to get the status of graft or not, it seems to me to legitimate to end the use of taxpayers in order to pay testing those who did not want to vaccinate,” the human rights activist noted.

Earlier it was reported that Germany’s authorities are going to introduce a new locker – however, this time, harsh restrictions will affect only unvaccified citizens. The details of the future measure of the authorities are not yet given, but it is assumed that the unseen “will not let anywhere else.” It was specified that universal restrictive measures are not required when a sufficient part of the population has vaccinated from coronavirus.

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