Cyan gathered on stock exchange in USA

Russian real estate search service Cyan intends to go to the US stock exchange. To conduct a primary public offer (IPO) the company is assembled in the fall, claim sources Reuters.

An organization of accommodation will be engaged in Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Jpmorgan, UBS, Renaissance Capital and Bank of America, and dual listing in Moscow is possible, sources added. One of the interlocutors of the agency rated an IPO of about 300 million dollars.

From Russian companies on the stock exchange in the United States also recently released Internet-retailer Ozon. The plans of the company became known in the fall of 2020. During the IPO, it was supposed to attract up to a billion dollars, as a result, the amount exceeded 1.2 billion.

In addition, Familia is preparing to the IPO in the United States. The Russian fashion discounter is focused on the beginning of 2022 and as a priority is considering accommodation on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In recent months, IVI has been planning and company, however, the plans were subsequently adjusted and the placement was postponed.

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