Biden reservation and appointed Americans for a hundred thousand dollars for vaccination

US President Joe Biden randomly stated that the Americans can get a hundred thousand dollars for vaccination from COVID-19. His speech was published on the site of the White House.

“There are places that are offered by a hundred thousand … One hundred thousand (laughs) One hundred dollars – it would be really good. I would come back and vaccinated three times,” the American leader said. Throwing a joke aside, Biden stated that after the announcement of payment of vaccination rates in the country increased by 25 percent. According to the president, he asked all state governors to pay one hundred dollars to everyone who will make the vaccination from coronavirus.

Today, New York, Minnesota, New Mexico and North Carolina went to such a measure. In addition to paying to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses in the United States appointed compensation for the provision of paid orders for vaccinating employees. Biden also reminded that all federal employees in the country should either pass vaccination, or twice a week to take tests to coronavirus.

Previously, the authorities of the city of New York announced a reward to everyone who will be brought by two components of the drug from COVID-19. People will be able to get their encouragement either in the form of a prepaid debit card, or in the form of a subscription to visit the theater, city attractions and amusement park.

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