Digital Transformation of State Rocket Center

According to the information of the Deputy General Director – the head of the innovation development service and information technologies of Alexander Oliytsky, in the State Rocket Center named after Academician V.P. Makeeva (Roscosmos State Corporation) should come close to the creation of a single digital enterprise management system, and then holding, all business processes must be automated.

It was decided to start with the management of business activities of the enterprise. Three business processes are defined as pilot: payroll calculation, contractual activities, support for users in working with information systems of the enterprise. They must be described from planning to implementation, analyze and develop proposals for optimizing processes taking into account the possibility of digital transformation.

It should be noted that in the State Rocket Center named after Academician V.P. Makeeva has the necessary basic conditions for the implementation of digital transformation processes. In particular, an integrated enterprise management information system has been developed and commissioned – a tool implemented on the basis of configuration 1C: ERP, uniting all business processes into one powerful system, which stores and processes a huge reservoir of economic, economic, financial information necessary for work Enterprises

In the Computational Infrastructure section, the SSPD is also built and successfully operated – a secure data transfer environment, a whole set of corporate services: internal email, corporate portal and others.

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