Tencent head sharply meal after comparing company with opium

Head of the Chinese company Tencent, video game leader in the country, Ma Huateng sharply impoverished after comparing the firm with opium. According to Bloomberg, its condition decreased by 14 billions of dollars and is now 45.8 billion.

The Agency notes that the losses of Ma Huatan, despite the fact that it is relatively loyal to power, it was even more than that of the militant founder of Alibaba Jack Ma. The happening showed how quickly the repressive measures have expanded after the holding of the Ant Group billionaire Jack MA due to antitrust investigations was forced to abandon IPO.

Earlier in August in the State Newspaper Economic Information Daily, a publication was published, where online games were compared with the “spiritual opium”. After that, Tencent shares collapsed more than 10 percent, and the company’s capitalization lost 60 billion dollars.

Spinning of nuts in the Internet business from the Government of China lasts for several months. The contradictions of the authorities and entrepreneurs intensified due to the conflict of the owner of Alibaba Jack Ma with a national regulator in the field of information technology. Over time, the regulatory attack has affected the sector of educational services, which aggravated the sale of shares in the mainland China and in Hong Kong. The development of the situation has already led not only to the collapse of shares, but also to the fall of the yuan.

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