Mexican fell ill “black mold” and was threatened by removal of eye

In Mexico, a 34-year-old man after transferred coronavirus appeared complication in the form of fungal infection. The otolaryngologist diagnosed in the patient Mulkumikosis, better known as the “Black Mold”, informs infobae.

Gregorio Avendano confirmed the presence of coronavirus on May 10. The man was treated from the disease at home and after receiving a negative test on COVID-19 returned to work. His condition aggravated on May 26: he stopped eating food, after three days he was hospitalized to a hospital with paralysis of the facial nerve. After avened, Avendano stopped talking.

Doctors explain that the life of a man is in danger, since his brain can suffer. To prevent fatal outcome, doctors plan to remove AVENDANO left eye.

Moorcorm, or “Black Mold” – a complication that provokes a fungal infection. It enters the skin through the cut, scratch or burn, as well as through direct contact with fungal disputes in the environment. The disease is a danger to patients with diabetes and weakened immunity, especially for coronavirus.

Flash of Mulkormicosis in the surviving coronavirus for the first time recorded on May 9, the doctors of the Indian state of Gujarat. People with weakened immunity become victims of infection. According to doctors, the cause of the disease can be in steroids used to treat coronavirus.

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