Spain demanded resignation of premiere for pardon of separatists

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez must resign due to its decision on the partial pardon of Catalan separatists. This was stated by the leader of the opposition “People’s Party” Pablo Qusader in his twitter.

According to Casado, the head of government must appoint new elections and resign. “Burn bridges and go to anti-West nationalists. You get up on the wrong side of the story, and she will not let you go,” wrote a politician.

In the afternoon, it became known that Spain’s authorities partly pardoned the leaders of the separatist Catalonia movement. They were released from detention, but the indictments did not cancel – they are still forbidden to participate in the elections and occupy government positions.

Referendum on independence of Catalonia took place on October 1, 2017. Then more than 90 percent of those who voted spoke in favor of the exit of the region from Spain. After that, the head of government Karles Puchdemon signed the Declaration of Independence of Catalonia and called on all countries of the world to recognize it with a sovereign state.

The central government tried to prevent the referendum, applying the power methods. As a result of the riots, 893 people were injured. Madrid did not recognize the results of this willing.

Later, the Supreme Court of Spain recognized the organizers of the referendum on independence guilty in the mute and sentenced them to a long prison sentence.

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