European Union will compete with Hungarian law against LGBT

EU authorities intend to fight with the new law of Hungary, who prohibits the promotion of LGBT. This was stated by the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Lyien, her words report Politico.

She called the bill shameful and promised to use all the forces of the Commission to protect the rights of European citizens. “I firmly believe in the European Union, where you can love whom you want, and I believe in the European Union, which supports diversity,” said the background der Lyien.

The head of the European Commission noted that the draft law discriminates people on the basis of their sexual orientation and violates the basic principles of the European Association. “This is human dignity, equality and basic human rights. We will not make a compromise against these principles,” she concluded.

Earlier it became known that the Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orban canceled a trip to Munich after the authorities of the city asked UEFA permission to design a rainbow backlight on a football stadium. Thus, in Germany, they wanted to express disagreement with the position of Budapest about the LGBT propaganda.

In mid-June, the Hungarian Parliament approved the law, according to which propaganda LGBT will be prohibited in schools and in educational programs. The prohibition of gay propaganda will affect organizations: Hungary will limit the list of those who are allowed to conduct sexual education lessons.

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