Employees NPCAP presented reports at International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems

In June 2021, the XXVIII International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems has been held at the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg in St. Petersburg.

Just participated in the event, scientists from Russia, China, France, Germany, Nigeria, Italy, Turkey, Israel and Ukraine were involved – a total of more than 247 specialists in the field of integrated navigation systems. For three days, about 100 reports were heard. Employees of the integrated structure of the Scientific and Production Center of the Automation and Instrumentation named after Academician N.A. are presented their scientific articles. Pilyugin (NPCAP, is part of the state corporation “Roskosmos”).

In the “Inertial Systems and Sensors” section, representatives of the NPCAP and a branch of the RVSN named after Peter the Great on the topic “Synthesis of the corrective contour of the pendulum accelerometer using computer technologies” were performed. Rapporteur – Worker of the Center Konstantin Andreev.

Joint scientific article of employees of the NPCAP branch – on “Corps” as part of the same section presented Dmitry Kalikhman. He made a presentation on the topic “Assessment of the errors of modern information and measuring systems in the conditions of real performance using a private method.”

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