In US, they explained situation with convict for trying to hack Tesla Russian

Russian Egor Hooks, condemned for trying to hack a computer network of TESLA, has not yet been deported to the United States and is in conclusion, despite the fact that he was sentenced only to his stay. This was announced by the representative of the US immigration and customs police (ICE) Lori Heili in a conversation with RIA Novosti.

According to her, hooks are in the US illegally – he arrived in July last year, but did not leave the country’s territory until the end of the visa.

Haley noted that on June 16, immigration judge decided that hooks should be deported to Russia. Currently, it remains in the conclusion of Ice, waiting for deportation.

In May, Nevada District Court sentenced Egor Kryuchkov, who found a guilty in an attempt to hack a computer network of Tesla, by 10 months of imprisonment and deportation from the United States. He was recognized as guilty of collusion in order to damage the company. Russian has already departed the appointed term.

Nevada’s federal jury presented the official accusation of hooked in September 2020. He entered the United States on a Russian passport and a tourist visa. After the FBI has contacted him, the Russian tried to fly out of the country.

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