China conceived to build a giant power plant over ground

China has conceived to use the created super heavy rocket Long March 9 for the construction of a giant system of solar power plants on a geostationary orbit, Spacenews reports, referring to the statement of the Long March carrier, LEKHAO Moon.

It is noted that this will allow to obtain solar energy regardless of the influence of weather and atmospheric factors. It is expected that the energy produced in this way will be directed from the space to the surface of the Earth using microwaves or lasers.

Tests of relevant technology are scheduled to begin in 2022. In about 2030, it must earn an appropriate installation of megawatt power. The production of gigassium energy in China is planned to be released in 2050. It is expected that for the assembly of 10,000 tons of infrastructure in the near-earth orbit, more than 100 launches of Long March 9 will be required.

Currently, China’s economic feasibility and related security issues are discussed in China.

In June, The Drive called the latest most important achievements of China in space: a living multi-module station, the delivery of moon soil samples, a valid rover and launch of an analogue of the American mini-shuttle X-37B.

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