FAS rated a way to reduce prices in Russia on Soviet system

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) estimated a way to reduce prices on the Soviet system proposed earlier in the State Duma. The press service of the FAS reported RBC that Russian authorities can regulate the prices of socially significant products.

“Limit Retail Prices may be established if within 60 calendar days in a row in the territory of a separate subject of the Russian Federation or territories of the Russian Federation, the growth of retail prices for food products is 10 or more percent with the exception of a seasonal factor,” is specified in Message.

The FAS added that to stabilize consumer prices for socially significant products, measures are used as increased rates of export customs duties, price coercive agreements between manufacturers and trading networks, subsidizing manufacturers, as well as antitrust regulatory measures.

Previously, the State Duma MP Vera Ganza told about the way to reduce prices in Russia on the Soviet system. She noted that it should be returned to the Soviet system not only in price regulation, but also in other very important key government positions. According to her, the example of the USSR is not the worst and need to strive for price regulation, in which the cost of goods is reduced, and does not grow.

The world costs for food jumped over the last year to a nine-year-old maximum. Among the reasons – caused by a pandemic crisis, the loss of the crop of them, for drought in South America and record purchases of the grain of China. All rapidly rose in price: from the dough for pizza to meat and coffee. The jump in food prices is danted with an increase in the number of starving and at the same time higher rates of inflation. It can push central banks to tighten stimulating measures to recover after a pandemic.

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