Russia: offered a new way to find money for maternity payments

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia proposed to abandon the existing social insurance scheme and introduce a new way to find money, including decada payments. It is reported by the newspaper Kommersant.

The ministry sent a draft law, which prohibits spending the surplus of the means of one type of social insurance for the coating of the lack of another. The departments believe that the lack of money for one type of social insurance should be covered from the federal budget.

Employers pay in the budget of the Social Insurance Fund (FSS) Contributions for insurance in case of temporary disability and due to maternity, as well as contributions from occupational diseases and accidents in production. And as for maternity payments, the costs in this case regularly exceed the income.

For example, in Pandemic 2020, the shortage of these articles rose to 212.2 billion rubles against the background of hospital. At the same time, the Ministry of Labor expects the deficit in 2021 (55 billion rubles), and hospital insurance will return to the surplus only in 2022-2023.

In the middle of June, an authorized under the President of Russia for the Rights of the Child, Anna Kuznetsov offered to maintain grandparents who help in raising children. She concluded that the size of maternal capital should grow, and family support forms need to be expanded.

In general, the maternity leave of Russians is considered the longest in the world. According to Rosstat, the average duration of the decree is 29 months, and by law the woman has the right to be on leave to care for the child until he is 3 years old.

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