Sales in Russian pharmacies recorded record

For five months of 2021, sales of pharmacy chains in Russia collapsed on a record 14.9 percent. This is reported by the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the research data of the analytical company DSM GROUP. In monetary terms, sales fell 2.8 percent – up to 578.2 billion rubles.

And in the DSM Group, not only medicines, but also other pharmacy goods, such as biodendages, vitamins, cosmetics and more were taken into account. But most of all – by 15.5 percent, up to 1.9 billion packages – the sale of drugs decreased.

Phantomic Network Director General Alexander Kuzin suggested that the cause can be an active growth of online sales. He also told that now buyers instead of several cheap drugs prefer to take 1-2 more modern and efficient, but more expensive. In general, the drop in sales in the traditional retail will last at least until the end of the year.

In April 2121, it became known that since the beginning of the year, the revenues of Russian pharmacy chains fell by 12 percent – up to 331.6 billion rubles. Russians, whose income decreased, began to save on drugs and use previously purchased drugs. According to the calculations of analysts of the DSM Group, Mart was the weakest of the revenue: then it decreased by 26.1 percent year by year, up to 118 billion rubles. For comparison, in March 2020, against the background of Lokdaun and the rustic demand, the pharmacy was sold for 159.8 billion rubles, showing an increase of 80 percent.

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