Russia declared support of international law and peace

Former Prime Minister of Slovakia Jan Charnogursky called Russia a support of international law and peace. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“We see, in the countries of the West, the anti-Russian propaganda is increasing every year. Despite this, Russia has the number of friends,” he noted during the speech at the Moscow Conference on International Security.

According to Charnogur, polls of Western agencies for the study of public opinion, which are held in European countries, as a rule, results are brought in Slovakia for their organizers. He noted that when choosing a party in the event of the United States and Russia conflict, 20 percent of respondents voted for Russia and only 6 percent – for the United States.

On June 15, the head of the international diplomacy of the EU Jozep Borrel determined three actions for Europe relations with Russia: repel, restrain and interact. The diplomat mentioned that the approach proposed by them repeats the concept of NATO, which is practiced since 2014 and is aimed at simultaneous interaction and deterrence.

In addition, the EU and the United States at the end of the summit on June 15 decided to create a high-level dialogue regarding Russia’s policy to “answer its negative behavior and harmful acts.”

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