Philippines arranged a “public execution” of luxury supercars

Power Philippines arranged a “public execution” of luxury cars. This is reported by NTV.

According to the material, more than 20 confiscated sports cars were destroyed under the strikes of the racket of the excavator. Among them were rare cars released by a circulation of several hundred copies.

According to the publication, previously in the Philippines, confiscated cars were sold at auctions, but later it turned out that the bidding participated mainly criminal authorities, and the authorities banned such events.

It is known that President Philippine Rodrigar Dwarcov became the initiator of the destruction of sports cars. Earlier, the head of state declared a campaign to combat drug addicts, during which several thousand people were killed without trial were killed in drug dealers or suspected of this crime. In addition, Dwarf threatened to castrate all police covering drugs.

Three years earlier, Rodrigo Duther ordered to crush more than 60 confiscated smuggled cars worth about four million dollars in the Philippine province of Khahayang. Among them were luxury manufacturers – Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, as well as Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

/Media reports.