Price of oil broke next record

Brent oil price at the borings on June 23 reached $ 76 per barrel for the first time since October 2018. At the time of writing the material, the cost of the August futures was $ 75.68 per barrel, the data of the London Stock Exchange ICE.

The rise in price has become another record in recent days: June 22, the cost of Brent rose above 73 dollars per barrel for the first time since May 2019. The prices of the WTI variety on June 23 also grew, by the time of training the news was $ 73.71 per barrel, and during the day they reached 74.21 dollars.

Heads of the largest world oil companies have already found the reasons why oil quotes may return to a level of $ 100 per barrel – this may be caused by an imbalance between supply and suggestion against the background of economic recovery. With forecasts about such a rise in price performed in Bank of America

At the same time, the Minister of Energy of Russia Nikolai Shulginov believes that it is hardly a rise in price to such a level of oil in the coming years. It predicts a range of 50-70 dollars.

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