World Central Banks will help in struggle for money of future

The Bank of International Claims (BMR) announced the full support of the efforts of the world’s development of digital currencies of central banks (CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currencies) and the need to upgrade financial systems, writes Reuters.

BMR, known as the Central Bank Central Bank, helps regulators to coordinate discussions on this issue. On June 23, he presented his recommendations on how digital dollars, euros, yen and yuan should look like. Governments need to fight for not losing control over government money in the future, consider international settlements in the bank.

The threat for the emission powers of the financial authorities around the world is associated with the advent of Bitcoin and such cryptocurrency, as the DIEM, which is supported by American FaceeBok. She, like other similar companies, has at its disposal a huge base of social network users, which can ensure control over the sphere of digital money, indicated the representative of BMR Benoit Kor. “And you do not want it, the governments do not want this,” he explained.

According to the bank of international settlements, now the possibility of introducing a digital currency is considered by the authorities of at least 56 countries where approximately the fifth of the population has lived. There is a bank in Russia. For the first time, the concept was represented in the fall of 2020, and in April, details of the plan for the introduction of a digital ruble became known. It will be issued to the Central Bank, but is stored on special wallets opened in banks. They will be able to own both individuals and legal entities. The prototype is collected at the end of the year.

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