Baikonur is preparing for launch of ONEWEB spacecraft

In parallel to the eastern Baikonur cosmodrome, scheduled events under the OneWeb spacecraft runs continue. After the preparation of the necessary land equipment, the South Sports Center specialists (branch of the center of exploitation of land-based space infrastructure sites) and the SA Science and Production Association Lavochkina (included in the state corporation “Roskosmos”) began to carry out pneumatic tests of the Overclocking block “Frigate”.

These works are carried out at the technical complex of the site of the Baikonur cosmodrome. They are held as part of the preparation for the launch of the Soyuz-2.1b missile and 34 OneWeb satellites from the Baikonur cosmodrome. It will become the third launch of ONEWEB spacecraft from Baikonur.

Operator of the Start for OneWeb is the European Provider of Arianespace launch services together with Starsem under contracts with Glavkosmos (a subsidiary of Roskosmos).


The universal acceleration unit “Frigate” was created in the NGO of Lavochkina and is intended for use in the composition of medium and heavy class missiles in order to remove spacecraft to various set orbits. The basic acceleration unit laid the beginning of a whole family of highly efficient acceleration blocks that are created and created on its basis.

The basis of the constructive-layton circuit “frigate” is a block of tanks built by a monoblock support scheme. It has a torusferic configuration consisting of six spherical tanks, separated by spherical bottoms. Four of them are the pots of oxidizing agent and fuel, two tanks are compartments for the placement of onboard devices and equipment (one of them is sealed). In one of the containers (hermetic), there is a monoblock of the control system, including satellite navigation equipment and thermal mode fans, in another (leshetic) – small dashboard, service blocks, as well as high-pressure switches of the high-pressure motor installation and a motor installation of stabilization, orientation and launching.

Overclocking block “Frigate” ensures the effective execution of all tasks to remove one or more spacecraft on working orbits or flying from the land of the trajectory. The entire removal process is carried out autonomously, without interference from Earth. The highest reliability and practically the perfect removal accuracy provide an accelerated block of indisputable competitive advantages over world counterparts.

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