Blinken stated US best friend

American Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called Germany with the best friend of the United States. His words report RIA Novosti.

The diplomat spoke about the relationship of Washington and Berlin at a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “The United States has no better partner, the best friend in the world than Germany,” he stressed.

Blinken also noted that the American leader Joe Biden is looking forward to the visit of Merkel to Washington, which will be held in July.

Earlier, the head of the German Foreign Ministry of Haiko Maas was hoping that Germany settles disagreements from the United States to build the North Stream-2 gas pipeline until August 2021. Before that, Blinken noted that the position of Washington relative to the gas pipeline remains “very clear”, but it will not be possible to stop construction using sanctions.

June 11 became known that Merkel would personally go to Washington in order to resolve disputes about the implementation of the North Stream-2 project. Negotiations Merkel and Bayden will affect a wide range of topics, but the main one will become a gas pipeline. It will be the first visit of the Chancellor after the election of Byyden for the presidency.

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