Preacher stated homosexuality with illness and was arrested

In the British city of Leeds, the Christian preacher called the homosexuality “abomination in the eyes of God” before the crowd, after which he was detained by the police. Reports about it Express.

The man began to shout off offensive slogans to the LGBT community on the street. “The Bible says that if a man looks with a man, as with a woman is an abomination,” said the preacher. He added that the same-sex relations of two women – “unnatural and vile passion.”

Soon the crowd was gathered soon, which stood on the protection of homosexuals. Local residents noted that the preacher did not for the first time allowed himself offensive behavior against the LGBT community. Passers-by appealed to the police and called on officers to arrest the attacker. At the moment it is in custody.

June 4 it became known that the US Defense Ministry refused to post the Rainbow Flags of the LGBT community on the current military bases. The department clarified that this solution “is in no way reflected in respect and admiration, which we experience our LGBTK + personnel in uniform and without it.”

/Media reports.