Russia warned United States from pressure on Russian diaspora

Russia warns the United States from pressure using special services to organize Russian compatriots. This was stated at the briefing the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry of Maria Zakharov, reports TASS.

The diplomat stressed that the Russian side has repeatedly tone to American colleagues, which is unacceptable to consider the threat of national security the efforts of compatriots in the United States to maintain cultural ties and establishing the atmosphere in relations between countries. According to her, such an attitude towards people from Russia is a destructive practice that comes against democratic principles.

“In essence, the question of the legal right of the diaspora is to maintain its identity, the language, the relationship of the Great Historical Heritage of Russia,” leads her word agency.

In this way, she commented on the recent report that the US FBI investigates the activities of the Coordination Council of the Organizations of Russian Compatriots (CSSOR) on suspicion of the dissemination of Russian influence in the country. Sources in the organization in a conversation with the agency clarified that anyone from the members of the organization was not yet delayed and did not charge.

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