Posing slap Macron sentenced to prison

Damena Terrel, who gave the head of France to Emmanuel Makron, sentenced to four months in prison. This is reported by the French TV channel BFMTV.

The defendant lawyer said that he reigned in his behavior. “I am sure that he will not repeat more,” the lawyer said.

Earlier it was reported that the accusation demanded to sentence Terly to 18 months in prison. The prosecutor also asked to introduce a constant ban on a man into public service, as well as on weapons storage.

Macron received a slap during a trip to the Department of Drome on June 8. The French leader approached the locals who were behind a low metal fence, shook his hand to one of the men and said something to him, and in response he got a blow to his face. After the incident detained two people. Later it became known that the accomplice of the attacker at Macron was being searched. In his house, they found weapons and software book Adolf Hitler “My Wrestling” (“Main Campf”, recognized in Russia extremist material).

/Media reports.