Chubais stated Sakhalin in way of future of Russia

Special Representative of the President of Russia for Relations with International Organizations To achieve the goals of sustainable development, Anatoly Chubais after a visit to Sakhalin called a climatic experiment passing on the island, a prototype of that future, which expects the country. The first impressions he Share on Facebook page.

According to the official, many believe that the desire of Sakhalin move to carbon neutrality by 2025 no more than PR. However, he himself cannot agree with this, because he sees the first steps taken by the leadership of the region.

As an example, Chubais brought the project “Green coal” to translate the power supply of a large coal cut on wind power. Including the electric car will translate career dump trucks and a coal conveyor 23 kilometer long.

Also, the Special Representative of the Head of State told about the construction of the production of “blue hydrogen” and suggested that a company will soon emerge, producing “green hydrogen” (the most eco-friendly).

To this should push the nearby Japan and South Korea – markets that are just preparing for new fuel. “To everyone who understands how the scale of the transformation will have to go through the Russian economy in the next ten years, it is worth looking at the events on Sakhalin carefully,” Chubais stressed.

Previously, he said that Russia would be able to maintain the status of the Great Energy, due to the export of hydrogen, and in this opportunity should be “cling to teeth and immediately move in this direction.” At the same time, Chubais is confident that against the background of climate change, it is possible to restructure the entire Russian economy.

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