Zakharova declared defeat of United States in “dirty game” against “Northern Flow-2”

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova responded to the US Failure from sanctions against the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline operator Nord Stream 2 AG and stated that he considers it a loss of Washington. So she answered the question of the correspondent of “” during a briefing.

“We do not understand statements about the need to search for ways to” mitigate serious negative consequences “from the operation of the gas pipeline. Any reasoning on this topic implies either unfair competition, or attempts to politicize the situation,” the diplomat said.

Zakharov added that he did not understand for whom it could turn into negative consequences. In her opinion, such statements talk about the defeat of Washington in the “dirty game” against the gas pipeline. At the same time, Moscow believes that the project did not have any negative effect on the countries of the European continent.

At the end of May, Biden said that the US sanctions will not be able to stop the construction of the North Stream-2 gas pipeline, since it is almost completed. Before that, Washington refused sanctions against the NORD Stream 2 AG gas pipeline operator and his heads of Mattias Varniga. At the same time, the United States introduced restrictive measures against Russian organizations and vessels involved in the Northern Stream-2 project.

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