European Union demanded personal sanctions against Lukashenko

The European Union demanded that Introduce personal sanctions against the Belarusian President of Alexander Lukashenko. This is stated in resolution of the European Parliament.

This is due to the conflict against the background of the incident with the Ryanair aircraft and the 2020-th mass protests on August 20, as a result of which hundreds of people were arrested. So, the European Supported offered to freeze the assets of Lukashenko and other high-ranking officials.

“Sanctions must act as long as those who have come to prison as a result of protests will not be released. In addition, Minsk must stop politically motivated criminal cases, and those who are involved in the disappearance or killing of activists must incur Responsibility, “- the statement says.

June 3 became known that the EU was prepared by sanctions against Belarus. In particular, the aircraft of Belarusian companies is prohibited from flying over the territory of the European Block or to sit at the airports of its countries. The EU also plan to introduce restrictions against large companies in the country.

The exacerbation between Western countries and Belarus began after on May 23, the airline Ryanair airlines, following the route Athens – Vilnius, made an emergency landing in Minsk. This happened after reports of mining arrived from Minsk airport. To accompany the aircraft, the Fighter MiG-29 of the Air Force of Belarus was raised. Immediately after landing, Belarusian security forces detained on board the former Glavreda Opposition Telegram channel NEXTA Roman Protasevich. In the European Union and the United States found it an act of state terrorism.

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