Mystery of disappearance of underwear after washing insulted a man

A resident of the United States offended when she accidentally revealed the secret of the disappearance of his own underwear after washing. The corresponding story appeared on the REDDIT portal.

Anonymous user of the platform said that his 18-year-old nephew quarreled with her mother, as a result of which he moved home to him. After a few months, the man noticed that his boxers panties disappear whenever he puts them in washing. At first he did not attach importance to this and bought missing linen sets.

“My wife thought that I was losing them, I myself was not noticed. Then I entered the guest room, where the nephew stopped. I was looking for some things in the storeroom and accidentally found a bag in one of the boxes. All my missing lower Linen was there. I could not believe it, “he shared, adding that his wife was also confused.

A married couple decided to talk to a teenager. At first, he did the view that he did not understand what was discussed, but soon admitted in the deed, but refused to explain the cause of the act.

“It was an awkward conversation. Honestly, I felt offended. He looked through the basket God knows how much time, took out underwear and hid it in the room. I do not know for what reason he did, but it comes out for bad thoughts . My wife supported me, so we sent him back to the mother, “the material hero concluded.

The platform users supported the author of the publication and shared their opinions about the situation described. “What you now feel discomfort, being near the nephew – a completely normal reaction”, “young man needs help, and your feeling of discomfort is completely justified. At the age of 18, he should not do such things,” “I think nephew needs with To talk to someone. It looks like the behavior of the pervert. I hope he did not do anything obscene with cowards. He needs to appeal to a psychologist, “they wrote.

Earlier in June, the truth about the laundry frequency of men’s panties caused a dispute over the network. Tiktok user with nickname @ 9021Hoee said that men wear underwear at least three to ten times before sending it to a washing machine. “Please tell me what you are joking,” the users indignantly.

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