Runged Italian “cocaine king” arrested in Brazil

Rocky Italian Maftios Rocco Morabito (Rocco Morabito), known as the “cocaine king”, arrested in Brazil. It is reported by the Latin American newspaper La Diaria Justicia.

The offender was detained in the city of Zhuan-Pesoza during the joint operation of Italian and Brazilian security services. Vincenzo Pasquino was also arrested with him, which is among the top ten most wanted persons of the Ministry of the Interior of Italy.

It is noted that the detention occurred as part of the investigation into the activities of the NDrangeti criminal grouping, which is engaged in illegal drug trafficking between Europe and Latin America. Operations took part more than twenty employees of Italian intelligence, as well as the FBI and US FBI Agents and Drug Administration.

On June 23, 2019, Morabito escaped from the Central Uruguay prison, where he expected extradition to his homeland due to accusations of falsification of documents. Escape was organized with several attacker accompliers who later detained the police.

May 23 in the municipality of Atisap-de-Saragoza in Mexico was arrested by a 72-year-old man who admitted at least 30 murders committed in the last 20 years. When searching in the House of Mexican, the police found numerous human remains. According to law enforcement officers, a man partially eaten meat of his victims.

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