In appearance Kendall Jenner in advertising Tequila saw an insult of whole people

American Supermodel Kendall Jenner was accused of insulting the whole people due to advertising tequis of its own brand production 818. Reports about it.

25-year-old celebrity published in its Instagram – Ticket photos and video from filming Advertising campaign of alcoholic beverage in Mexico. On one of the pictures placed, the mannequin is captured next to the horse. She was dressed in a cowboy hat, a white T-shirt, a green striped shirt and blue jeans.

Network users criticized the star for the fact that its image was based on stereotypes about Mexican farmers. “You must be kidding? It is insulting. I do not think that real migrant workers will appreciate your appearance on”, “, like Mexican, begging for everyone who lives in the US, do not drink Tekel Kendall Jenner. What It does, called cultural aproaction (the concept, according to which borrowing or using elements of one culture by members of another is a negative phenomenon – approx. “”). She assigns our story to himself. Listen to us, Mexicans. This is our culture, and we are not We want a white woman to remove the benefits of it, “they spoke.

Jenner has not yet commented on the situation.

In April, in the new hairstyle, Justin Bieber saw an insult of a whole race. A 27-year-old singer shared a photo in Instagram, which showed that the dreadlocks worked. On the plated frame, he was treated in a wide Longsliva in a cage, red shorts, long socks and red sunglasses. Network users saw an insult of a whole race in a new hairstyle of celebrities. In their opinion, the musician had no right to braid dreadlines, since it does not belong to the Negroid race.

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