President Mexico apologized for mass killings of Chinese

Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Ordor officially apologized for the mass killings of Chinese migrants in 1911. Reports about it supchina.

The leader expressed regret at the ceremony in which the Chinese ambassador to Zho Qingziao participated. “The Mexican state will never allow racism, discrimination and xenophobia,” politician said.

In the speech of the Iznor, it was about incident in Torreon in the north of Mexico. There, May 13-15, 1911, 303 Chinese were killed during the race for racial motives. It is noted that the descendants of Chinese migrants have been preserved in Torreon. For them, the president’s apology was the necessary Act of repentance, reports supchina.

Local residents concluded that the apology of the Rador gave citizens the opportunity to honor the memory of their ancestors. According to them, now the Chinese community can be confident that such violence in Mexico will not happen again.

As previously reported to the EL PAIS newspaper, during his presidential period, the processor blocks the access of any foreign investment in the economy of Mexico, except Chinese. China’s companies regularly benefit large government contracts. It is noted that in 2020, Mexico ranked first in Latin America in terms of the number of investments from the Chinese side.

May 4 Mexican President apologized to the indigenous people of Maya for the damage and discrimination of its representatives from the beginning of the Spanish colonization of America.

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