Ukraine: two children locked in apartment got into window and asked for help

In Odessa, parents locked in the apartment of two young children and went in an unknown direction. The kids got out the window to ask for help. As a result, they got the neighbors through the window. About this on this page in Facebook told the head of service on the affairs of the children of Odessa city Council Yulia Nikandrov.

According to Nikandarova, there were three children in the family. At the time of the arrival of social services and police of parents and the third child did not have at home. They were met on the road to Rottche. The head of service noted that children from the family were withdrawn, and the parents themselves were sent to the police station.

“The condition of all children is running. In the younger girl wounds on the neck and under the eye. Medics arrived at the place. In the house where children lived, hell,” Nikandrov wrote. In the publication, she posted photos from the apartment in which children lived. The pictures show that the housing is dirty, launched, littered. On the table is a pack of cigarettes and rotting food in trash packages.

/Media reports.