Spacex will launch StarShip into orbit around Earth

Spacex plans to launch the Martic Spaceship StarShip Spaceship in orbit around the Earth. The appropriate application describing the mission plan is filed to the Federal Communications Commission, reports SpaceFlight Now.

Travel StarShip, equipped with six RAPTOR Rocket Motors, according to available data, will start from the starting platform of Starbase Boca Chica (Texas) landfill and will be completed in the Pacific Ocean in the Hawaiian Area.

Starship to eliminate StarShip will be used by the Super Heavy rocket equipped with 28 RAPTOR rocket engines, the total thrust of which is twice as much as the developed superheavy of the Saturn 5 missile used in the Luna program Apollo.

StarShip flight will last 90 minutes, during which Super Heavy engines will work for about three minutes. It is expected that the carrier after removing the ship will land in the Mexican Gulf East Starbase.

Specific date of flight testing SUPER HEAVY and STARSHIP is not reported.

In May, the STARSHIP prototype successfully landed after the test.

In February 2019, the head of Spacex Ilon Mask stated that on pressure inside the combustion chamber American methane Raptor exceeds Russian kerosene RD-180.

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