France banned schools to use gender-neutral words

The Ministry of Education of France has banned schools to use gender-neutral words in writing. It is reported by Daily Mail.

They were considered harmful to French: gender-neutral words strengthen the status of the English language as the “dominant” in the world. In addition, according to the head of the Ministry of Maternity, Jean-Michel Blanken, with difficulties allegedly collided children with dyslexia: those who have difficulties with writing and reading will hardly remember new rules.

Daily Mail reminds that earlier the French academy also banned the use of intermediate points in schools. The Academy believe that they “harm the practice and understanding of the French”.

Such points are used to indicate gender affiliation: for example, Député.es (female parliamentarians). According to the rules of French, about the company, where there are men, and women, will also speak male genus: for example, “AMIS” (friends) instead of “amies”. Proponents of gender-neutral words are offered to use points: “ami.e.s”.

In February 2021, a division of the National Health Service (NHS) of Britain in Brighton and Sussex decided to prohibit midwives to use the word “mother” and other words related exclusively with the female sex, when discussing maternity issues with patients. They are invited to replace gender-neutral: for example, a “childbirth parent”.

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