In United States predicted rise in gasoline prices after “attack of Russian hackers”

Prices for gasoline in the United States can be a record high in the last seven years due to the CyberTaki on the COLONIAL PIPELINE Pipeline operator, RBC reports with reference to Bloomberg.

The Agency believes that by the end of the month the price of gasoline can grow from the current $ 2.96 per gallon (a little less than 4 liters) to more than $ 3. The end of May is the beginning of the traditional summer season driving. The last time this price was observed in the USA in October 2014.

According to analysts, the possible growth depends on the duration of the failure after kiberatak. If, by the beginning of the summer, Colonial Pipeline will not resume gasoline supplies to the east of the country, the cost of value is quite real. According to Bloomberg, sellers and suppliers are already looking for other supplies options – in particular, tankers through the Mexican bay or through a pipeline of another company, but with less bandwidth.

May 8 Colonial Pipeline reported that they attacked the virus-extortionist. CNN claims that the kiberat has a grouping of Russian hackers and their Darkside community. The US Department of Transport after Kiberatka introduced a regional emergency regime in a number of states.

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