President Mexico brought official apologies to people of Maya

Mexico authorities brought official apologies to the indigenous people of Maya for the damage to the damage and discrimination of its representatives from the beginning of the Spanish colonization of America. The appropriate statement was made by the head of the state of Andres Manuel Lopez Ordore. The text is published on the website of his administration.

According to the statement, the Mexican authorities “in accordance with the ethical imperative of the government, but also for their own conviction,” apologize to the Maya’s people for “terrible abuses that were committed by private individuals and national and foreign authorities” during the years of the Spanish conquest of America, 300 years of colonial dominion and two centuries of independent history of Mexico.

Mayan civilization reached its heyday in the 300-900 years of our era, and by the time of the discovery of America, it took a decline. The descendants of the ancient Mayans are not only modern peoples of Maya, which preserved the language of the ancestors, but also part of the Hispanic population of the southern states of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. Currently, in Mexico and the countries of Central America, they live, according to various estimates, about 5 million Maya.

Previously, scientists of the Spanish National Research Council came to the conclusion that 1590 years ago, the ancient Mayan civilization was partially suffered due to the catastrophic eruption of the Ilopango volcano, which killed all living things in a radius of 40 kilometers. The train rose to a height of up to 45 kilometers, and ash fell on the territory of more than seven thousand kilometers, reaching Greenland. Polusantimeter layer of ash covered areas of more than two million square kilometers.

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