A large batch of methamphetamine disguised as cucumbers

A large batch of drugs, disguised under the cucumbers, discovered on the American border. This was reported by the US Customs and Border Control Service.

According to her information, methamphetamine managed to intercept on the Farr-Reynosa Bridge, passing over the Rio Grande River and connecting Mexico and the United States. It is noted that for a more thorough check, the officers stopped the wagon with a commercial party of cucumbers on April 17. Among them, they eventually found 114 plastic packaging with drugs.

Party with a common weight of almost 100 kilograms is estimated at 4.3 million dollars. On your page in Twitter The service described the find as “salted cucumbers”.

After checking, the department seized drugs and a car. The investigation is still continuing.

As NEW YORK POST notes, a mexican Cattel “Sinaloa” of Nacarobaron Joaquin Gusman, who is considered the chief drug dealers in modern times, was used in the work. As he stated on a man over a man, one of the witnesses, the organization for the smuggling of prohibited substances in the United States used banks with pickled pepper halapeno.

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