Anomalous drought turned lake into dusty plains

Large fresh lakes and reservoirs dried due to anomalous drought in Mexico. It is reported by Associated Press.

Arusable weather covered 85 percent of the country’s territory. Because of the heat, not only natural reservoirs are flashed, but also strategic tanks in which water is stored for the supply of the capital of Mexico City. The mayor of Claudia Sheinbaum stated that this is the strongest drought in the last 30 years.

Now 9 million people live in Mexico City. The city provides water wells within the city and three large reservoirs, however, due to weather conditions, the groundwater level also falls. Sheinbaum noted that people themselves exacerbate the situation: because of the droughts, they begin to actively water the gardens and lawns, which even more depletes water stocks.

West of the capital, in Michoacan, Mexicans risk fully losing the second largest lake in the country – Quieto. Biologist from the local University of Alberto Gomez Tagla said that the reservoir already dried by 75 percent and lost several rare fish species. “The 2019th, 2020th and past part of 2021 were landing usual, and it had a cumulative impact on the lake,” the researcher stressed.

It is noted that due to the drought of the shore of the lake, they turned into the plains covered with dust: dust storms often occur in the region. According to local residents, they lead to the spread of intestinal and respiratory infections. The tourist sector of the country also suffers from the drought, since dried lakes and reservoirs no longer attract not only fishermen, but also vacationers.

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