Trump said inhuman politics by Bayden on migrants

Former US President Donald Trump called the inhuman policy of the current head of State Joe Bayden on illegal migrants. This politician stated in an interview with Fox News TV channel.

“What we see now, inhumanly. These people, these children – emphasize, a huge number of children – live literally on each other, in terrible mud,” said Trump. Former president also criticized the lack of tests for coronavirus for detained migrants. “What happens is just insanely, this is a terrible situation. No one saw anything worse,” the politician stressed.

Previously, during his first full-length press conference, Biden said that the Trump administration left the children of illegal migrants to die from hunger on the Mexican side of the border. The US President said that people flee into the United States because they consider it softer than Trump. The politician also explained that the increase in the number of illegal migrants is seasonal and often increases in a cooler time of the year. At the same time, he noted that people flew in the United States not from a good life, they forced them for the fact.

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