Hondurana Carriers of fake “satellite V” disappeared in Mexico

Honduras Citizens detained in Mexico during transportation on a private jacket of a fake vaccine from coronavirus “Satellite V”, hid. About this reported Country Prosecutor’s Office in Twitter.

“The migration service was asked to issue immigration notifications to the pilot and passengers placed at the hotel, but they were hiding from observation,” they told in the prosecutor’s office. It is clarified that the fake vaccine was seized earlier. As soon as the fact of fake will be confirmed, a criminal case will be established.

On the eve of a statement about the detaineed plane, the Honduran company Grupo Karim spoke. The company recognized that they intended to deliver a vaccine from Coronavirus to Honduras to Honduras, but rejected accusations in an attempt to illegal import of the drug into the country.

On the found party of the fake Russian drug reported on March 18. Mexican customs officers found a batch of fake Russian vaccine against coronavirus “Sadrot V” on board a private aircraft. Ampoules with six thousand doses were hidden in refrigerators bags among non-alcoholic beverages and sweets. From Mexico, the plane was to fly to San Pedro-Sula International Airport in Honduras. The authorities detained passengers and the crew of the aircraft, and arrest was imposed on the vessel. In the pictures published by the government, it can be seen that several spellographic errors were made in Russian-speaking inscriptions on ampoules of the confiscated drug. For example, the name of the vaccine is recorded as “GMA-Cokewak” instead of “GAM-Cokewak”.

In the Russian direct investment fund (RDI) reported that, judging by the photographs, the party was fake – the design of containers and labels is distinguished. The fund also also assured that each ampoule of the Russian vaccine has an individual QR code, which allows you to establish its origin.

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