Bidenu advised “raise ass” and urgently solve important questions

US President Joe Bidenu was advised to “raise ass” and urgently solve important questions about the safety of borders. Such a statement made Senator from the state of South Carolina Lindsay Graham, reports The Washington Time.

Republican got angry, as it believes that the White House is trying to convince the public with false statements about the security of the American-Mexican border. The politician called the situation in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona “overlooking the crisis of the impending catastrophe of national security.”

“President Biden and Vice President [Kamala] Harris, with all due respect, lift your ass, go to the border and look at the consequences of your policy that does not work. Stop denying obvious,” – called Graham during a talk show “Henni”. Senator said that together with his colleagues would personally drive to the border on March 26.

According to him, if Biden does not order “everyone go home and stop bringing people to the United States,” by June the number of migrants will increase to two million. “God bless the border patrol and customs officers who disassemble the show, which the Administration of Byyden arranged at the border,” said Graham.

The words of the senator sounded against the background of the reporting of the Fox News correspondent Sarah Carter on the conditions of the content of migrants. It describes that the room on the border, designed for 80 people, contained 694 unaccompanied children. For minors look after two border patrol agents that cannot provide a full guard over them.

Earlier Harris to a question of the reporter, whether she would visit the border, replied “not today” and laughed. The White House did not respond to the question of Fox News on the relevance of such a reaction, given the increasing migration crisis.

Before that, the Bayden administration was accused of opening a Pandora drawer in a situation with the crisis of migrants. On March 10, it was reported that the White House reluctantly recognizes the flow of illegal migrants by the humanitarian crisis, calling the situation on the “call” border.

From February 19, Washington began the first stage of the program, “aimed at restoring the safe and ordering processing of documents on the south-west border.” Within its framework, migrants help to issue virtual registration, after which they are allowed to cross the border. At the same time, the consideration of their requests and court hearings, migrants are now waiting in the states, and not Mexico, as it was with the Ex-President of the United States Donald Trump. Before that, Biden stopped financing the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico.

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