Dentist dispels popular teeth brushing myths

German dentist Markus Felber dispelled popular myths about brushing teeth, believing in which people can harm enamel and oral health. He told about this to Focus magazine.

According to the expert, you should not brush your teeth immediately after eating. He explained that tooth enamel is protected by an acid coat that must re-form after eating. Therefore, you need to wait a little, as brushing a tooth without it can damage it. For the same reason, the doctor recommends not trying to “brush” your teeth by eating an apple, as the fruit will most likely damage the enamel.

Also, you do not need to use the method of cleaning from the gums to the teeth, since the brush can damage the mucous membrane. It is better to “shake off” the plaque formed with it with movements to the right and left. In addition, Felber cautioned against the regular use of baking soda and other enamel whitening agents, as they can damage teeth. At the same time, the dentist recommended using dental floss daily.

Earlier, the therapist Arina Zhegalina warned that bad breath or halitosis in most cases occurs with dental diseases and pathologies of the ENT organs. Including the causes of unpleasant odor can be gastrointestinal diseases: stomach, intestines, liver. Breath freshness problems also occur due to a person’s addiction to onions, garlic, cabbage, coffee and cigarettes.

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