Biden promised to let migrants from Mexico to USA

US President Joe Biden has promised to let migrants who are forced to wait for a court decision on granting them refugee status in Mexico to American territory. This is reported by Axios.

Representatives of the country’s Department of Homeland Security (BIM) have promised that the Biden administration will soon put an end to the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program, which was established by former US President Donald Trump. According to her, tens of thousands of migrants were forced to wait for several months in Mexico for court hearings to grant them refugee status in the States.

Starting February 19, Washington will embark on the first phase of “a program aimed at restoring safe and orderly paperwork on the Southwest Border.” The IMB and the Ministry of Justice will work with the Mexican government and international organizations to help migrants with virtual registration. At the border, they will be checked for the presence of coronavirus, for which a new border checkpoint will be opened. Then they can cross the border. After the migrants will wait for new court hearings in the United States.

On February 11, Biden stopped funding the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico. He said that “he will not allow American taxpayers’ funds to be spent on building a wall on the border.” The President asked to carefully check what the government spent on this project.

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