Google Play has blocked distribution of Element Matrix client

Google has suspended the distribution of the Android application Element in the Google Play directory without notifying developers about the reasons for blocking. Against the background of the recent incident with blocking the Parler application, the project developers assume that the distribution of the Matrix client was frozen after being submitted to Google Complaints about the presence of inappropriate content on the Matrix network. But so far this is only speculation, since Google has not officially named the reasons yet.

Element is a universal Matrix client that allows users to connect to any Matrix network, just like the Chrome browser allows you to open any site, including those with inappropriate content. The Matrix mainnet and the servers supported by the project have a fairly strict terms of use prohibiting publication inappropriate content. To maintain order, tools are offered for moderation , react to complaints and filter out inappropriate content.

The Element application, which was recently renamed from Riot, is the main client application for the Matrix decentralized communications platform, used by many open source projects to communicate with developers, including KDE and Mozilla.
Element remains in the F-Droid directory, but the package offered there is several versions behind. An unsigned APK is also available for download via the Matrix project’s continuous integration system. -package .

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